The Power of Discovery Client Testimonials

karen leavitt life coach

Laura Piccolo

Hooksett, NH

Through the Life Design course, Karen’s coaching and observations have been instrumental in my transformation. She recognizes and celebrates successes after challenging me to push past my comfort zones and really listen to my soul. Her patience and understanding that life happens is tremendous! Karen does not judge. She helps me acknowledge events and feelings, then let go of the ‘how’ or ‘why.’ Creating my mission statement with Karen has given me clarity and purpose. I no longer need anxiety prescriptions and my relationship with my husband is stronger than it ever has been. Opportunities and connections present themselves on a regular basis. Karen has taught me to move through things; not to be attached to the outcome. I am so grateful for her!

Patricia Downs

Hartford, CT

Taking Life Coaching was one of the best decisions in my life.  I can see every day what a difference it has made for me spiritually, mentally and emotionally.





Nancy Langmeyer

Newburyport, MA

Through Life Coaching practices and coaching, I now look forward to picking up the phone and finding the next profitable piece of business. And my business is thriving in a manner that I never could have imagined. All thanks to the powerful Life Coaching program!

Cindy McKay Santos

Andover, MA

Identifying my core values paved the way for discovering my life’s purpose, my mission, and my vision. I am truly grateful for the gift of Life Coaching and I look forward to continuing my journey.



Annika K

Working with Karen Leavitt through the LifeDesign program has truly been a gift for me. I have done similar types of mission driving coaching programs, but I am amazed even two months after finishing, I am still reaching my goals and energetically feel more confident in who I am and my purpose. I am enjoying life more and taking care of me for the better! Thank you for the support and inspiration, Karen.

I now see how owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we will ever do.

-Brene Brown