The Resilient Soul by Karen Leavitt

The Resiliency of Humanity will Astound You

The Resilient Soul is a collection of inspirational stories by beautiful souls who genuinely share their experiences of discovering their own resiliency and their almost superhuman will  – despite life's circumstances.

The Resilient Soul is a truly unique book. You will come away inspired and renewed by the strength and courage in each chapter of the book. We all possess the power of the resilient soul.

The Resilient Soul is now an Amazon Best Seller!

The Resilient Soul by Karen Leavitt Book Cover

All proceeds from book sales will be donated to Direct Relief.

Donna Dell'Avvocato

Review From

Wonderful addition to my books collection. Extremely well written stories !!

"Man never made any material as resilient as the human spirit."

-Bern William