Meet Karen Leavitt

Karen Leavitt - Life Coach
Karen Leavitt hosting the Radio Show "The Sky is the Limit"

Power of Discovery has been Karen Leavitt's journey from successful career nurse and athlete to published author, talk radio host and Certified Life Coach.

Karen always knew she was meant to help and to assist others. Becoming a nurse is rewarding. It is a privilege to care for others in their time of need.  Life indeed busy, Karen was able to multi-task with the best of them.  Nursing long shifts,  and weekends, along with being an athlete plus raising a family, and many obligations, left little time for her.

Karen had successfully completed several Boston Marathons and was also an athlete in equestrian sports.

Karen's athletic background and can-do attitude made her never one to settle so she began Life Coaching.  This was deeply meaningful in her life.  She possessed clarity for herself, and what she saw was no longer a dream. Living on purpose, equipped with the tools from coaching she aligned her vision and core values and saw the real possibilities.

Karen became a published author of “ The Resilient Soul”.  Has well as talk show radio host on World Talk radio program “The Sky’s the Limit” as well as Certified Life Coach.

Karen's background as a nurse and advocate serves others in coaching. She is trustworthy, maintains confidentiality, employs effective listening, and has the ability to ask open-ended questions. This reveals what is truly meaningful for each individual. Karen knows that we are all unique. She guides people authentically, having done this herself, to realize their vision and goals. It is a way of life, an expanded version of yourself. This is the power of discovery.


Karen utilizes her skills, and experience from nursing to assist you authentically in coaching.  Creating space for you to share your story. She maintains confidentiality, effective listening, and asks open-ended questions that allow insights and answers to come through.  This provides valuable insight into old patterns and limiting beliefs that may not be serving you.  Now you begin to move forward with clarity, insight, and possibilities for you in your life.  


No longer are you thinking about what if and daydreaming about something more for your life.  You have the ability to create a vision with what has been revealed to you. Now you are taking action by intentionally creating measurable goals that align with your core values.


All through your journey, you continue to discover what is truly possible in your life. You are aware of the thoughts that have limited you in the past. There is a shift in mindset, one of elevated consciousness. Empowered with the tools from coaching, which are authentic to you, you live intentionally and on purpose. This is a way of being.

With the new day comes strength and new thoughts.

-Eleanor Rosevelt