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Certified Life Design Coaching

You may have thought about living an expansive life, unsure of what this means and how to get there. If this resonates your journey begins with this Coaching. You will discover and be guided to embrace what is truly possible for you in your life. It is during the coaching that you will create your vision aligned with goals to live intentionally. This is a unique expression of who you are. It is a way of being.

Focus on What Matters


Let Go of What Doesn't

Karen Leavitt - Life Design Coaching
  • The release of limiting thoughts, and beliefs that are no longer serving you

  • Clarity about what is truly important to your life

  • Be guided by authentic core values, rather than live by stress and worry cultivating a higher mindset and consciousness 

  • Goals - Create a compelling future one of possibility to live a life you love

Takeaways from Life Coaching with Karen:

  • Clear the physical and emotional clutter in your life

  • Build a strong foundation in all areas of your life

  • Possess greater clarity that is specific for your life

  • A shift in mindset that allows you to grow

  • Create a personal vision with tangible goals

  • See what is truly possible for you - empower create evolve

Wherever you are on in life, you will develop a new mindset, establish new life skills and learn new tools to consciously create success in every area of your life!

Karen gives you the steps to create a plan that brings your deepest desires into being – faster than you might think!

In today’s busy world, where multitasking is a basic requirement, would you like to be more productive rather than busy and overwhelmed? You can have more time, greater clarity, and happiness in your life.

Karen knows about this first hand because of her background as a successful career nurse for many years, advocate, educator, leader, speaker, author, and athlete. She was living fully, seemingly having it all. A few years ago she discovered life coaching. During this time she realized she could create her life, instead of settling for daily stress and overwhelm.

The content within the coaching was so impactful to her. She chose to share this with others. Karen is passionate about guiding others with her positive mindset and can-do attitude, as a coach is well equipped to assist you in your journey to what is meaningful to you.

"Man never made any material as resilient as the human spirit."

-Bern William