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Virtual Workshop

Karen will be offering a 4-week pilot group coaching virtual workshop via Zoom at a reduced rate due to COVID.  It will be an engaging transformative experience to discover what’s possible.

Coming Soon, Dates TBD

A bit about Karen

Karen is an esteemed Life Coach, founder of The Power of Discovery Coaching and author of the book The Resilient Soul.

Before her coaching career, Karen was a highly successful nurse, a competitive athlete, and a radio talk show host, and yet she felt compelled to search for a deeper purpose. She felt like something was missing; like a piece of a puzzle but, couldn’t quite put her finger on it. So, she sought out coaching and as a result, gained clarity which ultimately changed the direction of her life for the better. Everything was going well for Karen until one day in 2013, she had a major car accident. Her life went to black. She was at ground zero where she could not talk, walk, or even write. Through heroic effort a lot of support and a deeper dive with coaching, much like the Phoenix rising out of the ashes, she ultimately was inspired to write her book The Resilient Soul and became a motivational speaker. As her career evolved, she followed her passion and eventually she became a life coach herself.

In the coaching process, Karen brings her in-depth wisdom, experience, knowledge, and expertise into a safe and supportive environment where her clients discover empowering strategies to create the life they want.

Karen provides her clients with a set of tools that last a lifetime

The Resilient Soul by Karen Leavitt

We are happy to announce that The Resilient Soul is now an Amazon Best Seller! 

The Resilient Soul is a collection of inspirational stories by beautiful souls who genuinely share their experiences of discovering their own resiliency and their almost superhuman will  – despite life's circumstances. 

The Resilient Soul by Karen Leavitt

Certified Life Coach

If you have ever dreamt of more for your life, it is possible.

During Life Coaching, you will be challenged to discover and discern what is meaningful to you. Through the coaching process, you will discover your unique core values, vision, and mission.

Published Author

The Resilient Soul is a collection of inspirational stories by beautiful souls who share their struggles, hardships, and their almost superhuman will to keep on – despite seemingly insurmountable circumstances.


Motivational Speaker

Looking for an inspirational speaker for your next event, conference, or seminar? Let Karen turn an ordinary event into something truly exceptional!


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Giving Back

A portion of Karen's proceeds will be donated to help those in need. Karen is currently supporting Direct Relief.

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

-Eleanor Roosevelt