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Karen Leavitt on the Radio - The Power of Discovery

Karen's show will be the Business Over Coffee International Network.
Be sure to stay tuned for more information about her show - including the premier show launch date!



Karen Leavittís weekly radio show, The Power of Discovery, offers inspiration to listeners worldwide. The Power of Discovery is an inspirational and heartfelt program developed from Karenís personal experience and insight based on her journey from medical professional to patient. Her journey aligns with purpose and passion highlighting true Power of Discovery.

The show highlights people from all walks of life. Embracing daily challenges and awakening to the rediscovery of self-transformation is Karenís real passion and purpose.

On her weekly show, Karen engages with people from all walks of life including life coaches, authors, athletes, and everyday people who discuss their journey and processes. We are all learning lifeís lessons every day and living in the moment, no matter where we are in our journey.


Radio Show Details

Day: Wednesday
Time: 8:00PM EST / 7:00PM CST / 5:00PM PST 
Official Show Link Click Here



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