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Meet Karen Leavitt

Karen is an inspiration to all who know her. A career nurse for many years, she is a natural caregiver, leader and educator. She is highly compassionate and a person of action with a "can do attitude." Her high-energy, positive mindset, combined with an athletic background as a distance runner and equestrian rider, make her a natural to impact the lives of others for the better.

She is always striving for more both personally and professionally. Growing up with strong core values, sense of self and determination instilled by her large family.

Turning Tragedy into Triumph

Karen hosted the talk radio show The Sky's the Limit in 2008 in which she along with her co-hosts spoke about achieving goals and dreams by shifting your mindset. She is back now on-air again after a life-changing accident in 2013 that left her with traumatic brain injury (TBI).

She is a survivor in the truest sense. Her path is clear now. Through her struggles and adversity she openly and candidly speaks about her journey through the medical system from both a professional as well as survivor standpoint.

Karen is strong, upwardly mobile and is passionate about living life - no matter what your current circumstances. She is determined not to be defined by her current diagnosis. She wants to assist others: survivors, families, teachers, coaches to further educate people on TBI and to live more empowered and meaningful lives.


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