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Certified Life Design Coaching 

With Certified Life Design Coaching, you will discover your life’s purpose, discern your core values that will guide the rest of your life, and declare your life mission to propel you forward with clarity, passion and power. By the end of your Life Design  Coaching journey, you will have created a life that is a unique expression of your highest vision of yourself, your contribution to the world and what you have most longed to experience and express.


✓ Know your life purpose and direction

✓ Clear the physical and emotional clutter in your life

✓ Be guided by your inner essence rather than run by your fears and worries

✓ Know what truly matters to you and then align your life vision with these values

✓ Create a compelling future, filled with the things you love

✓ Understand the difference between the voice of your ego and your essence

✓ Break free of old limitations imposed upon you by past circumstances and beliefs


✓ The Certified Life Design Coaching concepts that will lead you to creating a life you love from the inside out

✓ How the current context of your life sets you up for limitation and what to do to break free

✓ How the clutter in your mind and home create blocks and limit your full self expression

✓ How to create a strong foundation for your life, for good

✓ How to connect with your inner essence to guide you toward your most compelling, successful and vibrant future

Get Started on the Power of Discovery Today!

Wherever you are on in life, you will develop a new mindset, establish a new life skills and learn new tools to consciously create success in every area of your life!

Karen gives you the steps to create a plan that brings your deepest desires into being – faster than you might think!



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